Time Flies

When I was in my mid-twenties I had an emergency appendectomy. A friend sent me a get well card that said I didn’t have anything to worry about because only the good die young.

I looked at my watch this morning and it said it was mid-April 2017. I never thought I would live this long. If I make it to November I will be 80. Hell, I am on my second pacemaker. Technology has kept me alive this long starting when I was one year old.

Before I was a year old, I had pneumonia and almost died. The doctor said if I got it again I would not survive. Of course, I got pneumonia again. But between the first and second bouts, antibiotics became available and pneumonia became a very cureable disease.

When I was 70 I had a heart attack and they popped in a pacemaker. I wore that one out and got a second one. I doubt I will wear this second one out.


About ctwrye

Retired tech writer and trainer/teacher.
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