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Retired tech writer and trainer/teacher.

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Since it looks like it has been four years since I posted to this blog, I guess I should really update it. After all, I pay for the space. Nothing exciting. I got a cat and a new car since … Continue reading

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Pretty Pictures

The picture in the header was taken at Green Cay Natural Area in Delray Beach, Florida. It was taken with my Motorola ZN5 camera phone. The camera has a panorama feature and I used it to take this shot.

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My First Time

I have heard a lot about WordPress, but never got around to checking it out. So far, so good. All the geeks on TWIT use WordPress, so it must be good.

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Another Observation

Another thing I realize about this blog is that I am asked to be a friend by people who are complete strangers. And complete strangers they remain.

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Let’s Face It

These things are a waste of time. The only result I can see from doing this is that I will get on a lot more junk mail lists. 

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